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Featured Products


-- High-Quality Reproduction Rubber Connector Pairs --

The rubber connector pairs that are shown in the photo below began being used in the late 1960's, as a crude attempt at weather-sealed connections. They were primarily used on motorcycle models that are fitted with Capacitor Discharge Ignition (CDI) systems. This included the entire run of Kawasaki 500cc H1 and 750cc H2 triple cylinder two-strokes, plus several models of Suzuki's. These rubber parts have been "100% pure unobtainium" for perhaps a couple of decades, unless you wanted to cannibalize and reuse old hardened and weathered parts, such as the rock-hard fossilized parts that are shown in this photo.

The reproduction parts illustrated below are domestically manufactured using American-made molds and molding compounds. Though they look gray in the bright photo flash, they are actually black rubber parts. Each connector pair comes complete with a matching complement of 4mm bullets/sockets, plus one extra terminal of each gender, to allow for making an error during installation.

For the brass terminals to lock properly inside of these snug-fitting rubber parts, the terminals MUST be properly crimped onto the wire. Soldering or jury-rigged crimping with needle nose pliers will rarely work. We will NOT refund the purchase price of a pair of these connectors, once they've been buggered up by a jury-rigged installation. You've been warned.

HC-2 Pair (Looks gray here, but is actually molded of black rubber)

HC-3 Pair (Looks gray here, but is actually molded of black rubber)

For pricing, look for the HC-2 (2-pin) and HC-3 (3-pin) part number entries described in Section 4A of our main order page. To get to the order page, click on the purple ORDER button in the Navigation Bar to the left.



-- OEM-Style Non-Latching Connector Shell Pairs --

These shell pairs match 1:1 with the dimensions of the original non-latching Hitachi housings that were originally used on virtually all makes and models of Japanese four-wheeled vehicles from the late 1960's through the 1970's. Also used in many different motorcycle makes/models. Commonly found in the under-dash wiring of early Datsuns, such as the 510, 240Z, 260Z, 280Z, Roadster, and possibly other makes/models as well. Be sure to compare this photo with your actual connector housings, before ordering.


Molded of beige-colored ABS to match the material and color originally used by the factory. Your original 35-year-old factory shells may be lighter or darker in color, due to aging.

For pricing and individual photo illustrations, look for the entries described in Section 4 of our main order page. To get to the order page, click on the purple ORDER button in the Navigation Bar to the left.


-- Our  3rd Generation of Ergonomic Ratcheting Crimping Tool Now Makes Crimping of Open-Barrel (F-Crimp) Terminals  30% Easier! --

-- Just $35.00, including our standard open-barrel die set --

Our crimping tool manufacturer sells their tools worldwide, under a broad range of OEM brand names, such as GC Waldom, and Tool Aid, among many others. The tool model pictured above is the only model of ergonomic crimping tool from that manufacturer that offers a patented 30% reduced-compressive-force design, for ease of prolonged use. We're in our seventh year of retailing it.

Are there better tools out there? Sure... if you don't mind spending from 200% as much, to as much as 1000% more money to buy FAA-certified crimping tools that are required by law for AIRCRAFT repairs. We're so sure our tool will make you smile,  that we promise you this: If you try our crimping tool and learn the crimping technique, and it doesn't duplicate the quality of the crimps in your original factory harness, send it back and we'll refund your original purchase price. Guaranteed. In our 15 years in business, and with several thousand crimping tools sold, rarely do we receive refund requests!

To order our RTL crimping tool, click on the purple ORDER button in the Navigation Bar to the left and scroll down to the Tools section, toward the bottom of the shopping cart page.

IMPORTANT: NEVER use your RTL crimping tool on a live circuit, especially in the presence of liquid gasoline or gasoline vapors! Explosion, fire, personal injury, and electrical-component damage can occur! We recommend that you disconnect the ground wire from your battery, before using the RTL crimping tool on any electrical circuit


 -- Optional Supplemental Die-Sets for Our RTL Crimping Tool --

All the terminals that we sell on this site are crimped using the standard open-barrel die set that comes in the RTL crimping tool. However, you can now change the standard open-barrel modular die-set for our RTL tool, to allow you to crimp brazed and butted barrel terminals, standard insulated terminals (red, blue, yellow), and miniature insulated terminals (red, blue, yellow).

For more details on our optional die sets, click on the green TOOLS button in the Navigation Bar to the left. To order die sets, click on the ORDER button  in the Navigation Bar at the left. Then, scroll down to the Tools section to order part numbers DSB through DSD. Or, you can order all three sets at a discount as part number DSE.


-- OEM-Style Non-Latching Connector Shell Pairs --

These shell pairs match 1:1 with the dimensions of the original non-latching Hitachi shells that were used on virtually all makes and models of Japanese bikes and cars from the late 1960's through the 1970's.


The one-pin housing pair is not illustrated, but is listed on our Order page. All of these connector housings are molded of plain nylon. It was the same situation, back in the day.

For pricing and photo illustrations, look for the entries described in red as Non-Latching shells on our order page. To get to the order page, click on the purple ORDER button in the Navigation Bar to the left.


HP-Series Latching Housing Pairs for 2.8mm Spade Terminals
(All of these housing pairs are available in plain nylon. The green and black housing pairs have been discontinued.)

For pricing and photo illustrations, look for the entries described as HP-Series housings in Section 3 of our order page. To get to the order page, click on the purple ORDER button in the Navigation Bar to the left.



-- A Pair of Reasonably Priced High-Quality Terminal Extraction Tools for Multi-Pin Connector Housings --

This inexpensive pair of versatile high-quality tools works perfectly with either size of our locking spade terminals. The pair costs far less than you'd have to pay to buy two separate dedicated screwdriver-type extraction tools. Our retail price for these tools is $7.50 each, or $13.00 for the pair. You can order them as parts ET1 & ET2. Or you can buy both for a modest discount as part number ET3. To order, click on the blue PRICES button in the Navigation Bar to the left and scroll to the Tools section, near the bottom of the shopping cart page.




-- Terminals & Insulators (Bullet/Socket, M/F Spades, Eyelets, Nylon Block Connectors) --

Our professional-quality connector repair kits are based on OEM-style components for the various styles of connectors that have been used on Japanese cars, motorcycles, and stereo equipment, beginning in the 1960's.

We offer brass eyelet terminals in three different internal diameters, as is shown in the photo. The 4.5mm I.D. eyelets are suitable for 4mm screw connections, such as ground leads. The 5.5 mm I.D. eyelets are perfect for 5mm threads, such as most coil primary leads. And, the 6.5mm I.D. eyelets are suitable for 6mm threads (10mm hex-head bolts) as are found on motorcycle battery connections. For more details on pricing and quantities of individual terminals, click on the ORDER button in the Navigation Bar to the left.

We also offer male/female spade terminals in two different widths: 2.8mm and 6.3mm. The 6.3mm terminals are shown in the illustration at the left. These are the locking brass inserts that are used in molded plastic block connectors.

The smaller 2.8mm male and female spade terminals are very similar in appearance and proportions. They fit into the miniaturized multi-pin connectors that are used on modern Japanese bikes. We offer our CK-5 connector kit for repairing these connectors. For more information and a digital photograph of this CK-5 kit, click on the orange KITS button at the left-hand side of this page..

We sell packets of terminals/insulators as replacements for expended kit contents or for use with your own open-barrel crimping tool or Hero Electronics Connector Kit. For more details on pricing and quantities of individual terminals/insulators, click on the purple ORDER button in the Navigation Bar to the left.


-- Vintage Connections™ Professional Connection Kits --

We offer professional-quality connection kits that include a selection of housings and terminals in a compartmented storage case.

For more details regarding our several types and sizes of connection kits, click on the orange KITS button in the Navigation Bar to the left. 








-- Metric Harness Sleeving & Tape --

ORDERING NOTE: All sizes and both colors of our sleeving are sold in continuous lengths, up to a maximum continuous length of 20 feet. Continuous lengths of greater than 20 feet are simply too unwieldy for packing/shipping purposes.

If you enter a quantity of "6" (feet) in the shopping cart, you get six continuous feet, not six pieces that are each one-foot long. If you enter "40" (feet), you get two 20-foot continuous lengths.


We have this dead-soft high-gloss sleeving custom manufactured for us internationally. If you want an accurate wiring harness restoration, we stock nominal 6mm (not shown), 7mm, 11mm, and 14mm internal diameters of OEM-style soft high-gloss black PVC harness sleeving.

We don't have access to other sizes of this sleeving, so please don't ask.

For more details, click on the yellow SLEEVING button in the Navigation Bar to the left..





We have this silver-gray sleeving custom manufactured for us internationally.  If you want an accurate wiring harness restoration, we offer nominal 4mm (not shown), 6mm, 8mm, and 12mm internal diameters of soft silver-gray harness sleeving that is a faithful reproduction of the type that was used on many of the early Japanese motorcycle imports into the U.S. 

We don't have access to other sizes of this sleeving, so please don't ask.

For more details, click on the yellow SLEEVING button in the Navigation Bar to the left.





Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions:

Vintage Connections is a home-based, mom & pop, sole-proprietorship. We sell only via the Web and mail-order. Our low business overhead and factory-direct volume purchasing are what allow us to please our customers.

  • We specialize in Japanese bikes, cars, and trucks of the Sixties and Seventies. We have no special expertise for vehicles outside of those years, makes, and models.
  • We cannot accept telephone orders.
  • Our business liability insurance doesn't allow us to remotely diagnose your electrical problems. Sorry.
  • We don't have a walk-in storefront at our business address.
  • We don't allow strangers to transact walk-in business at our home, or to pick up their Web orders at our home.

If you wish to do business with us, you either have to click on this link to use our PayPal shopping cart system. Or, you can print out the shopping cart page and fill it in by hand, before submitting your order and payment by snail-mail.

We realize that there are those potential customers who will find these limitations frustrating, or even completely unacceptable. It's impossible to please everyone.  


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- About Us -

I started this business on eBay in 2001, after trying to restore a 1970 Honda CL350. It was low mileage, but it had butchered wiring. The previous owner had decided that connectors were too big of a hassle for him to deal with and had simply removed most of them. What had once been easily disconnected joints, became a butt-soldered nightmare that had then been covered up with heatshrink tubing and wads of electrical tape. There were also many metric fasteners that had to be replaced, because he had used vice grip pliers on them, rather than wrenches. Ugh, what an amateurish mess that bozo had created, mostly out of laziness and sloppiness!

I quickly learned that wiring supplies for any vintage Japanese bike from the late Fifties through the late Seventies were virtually non-existent in the U.S, at any price. After countless hours of Web surfing and struggling to find the right search terms, I finally located the needed repair items from a small European mom & pop business that catered to automotive electrical repairs. As soon as I opened up my shipment from them, I knew I had found exactly the kinds of repair items that probably hundreds of other riders of old Japanese bikes were fruitlessly searching for. Little did I realize at the time that the "hundreds" were actually "tens of thousands." Or that the same terminals and connectors were also used on Honda, Toyota, and Datsun cars and trucks of that era, plus even some Japanese-manufactured earthmoving equipment.

So, I assembled a few crude kits and posted them for auction on eBay. The first kit was a close equivalent of our current CK-2 kit and it posted with an opening bid of $79.95 ($5 less than the price that we ask for the CK-2 kit today). Seven days later, it sold in heated bidding for over $150. After posting five more auctions with similar results, I knew we had a viable marketplace and things have snowballed from there. A business that was originally intended merely to supplement impending retirement has taken on a life of its own and we now serve a market composed of thousands of loyal repeat customers. Without this business, I'd have 70 more hours a week of free time, but I'd lose the $13 an hour that I make for those 70 hours, after deducting overhead and almost 35% in federal and state taxes. Running an Internet business is mostly for masochists like Yours Truly. The truly big money on the Net is mostly earned by those fronting an adult entertainment business. Shrug.  I'm way too old to make that kind of lifestyle change now! LOL

Yours Truly, seated on a past restoration that used Vintage Connections parts.



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