6.3mm 1-pin Latching M/F Nylon Connector

1-pin latching 6.3mm spade-based connector pair, with terminals
6.3mm latching connectors and terminals like those found on most Japanese motorcycles from the first half of the 1970s. Commonly used for regulator/rectifiers, ignition switches, alternator connectors, and electronic ignition units. CRITICAL NOTE: These contemporary connectors do NOT interconnect with the original factory latching connectors that were manufactured by Hitachi. Your original connectors need to be replaced as a pair. It's easily possible to extract the factory spade terminations from the original Hitachi connector pairs and reinsert them into the new housings that come from this kit. This gives you new housings, without a need to remove and replace all the original factory spade terminals. Extracting the brass spades from the original Hitachi connectors requires the use of our ETL terminal extraction tool, or a functionally equivalent extraction tool.