Suitable for roadside repairs of all types. A must have kit for remote and/or long-distance travel. Includes Ratcheting Crimping Tool at $20 savings.
High quality connectors, terminals, wire, and heat shrink intended for emergency repairs. This kit contains enough supplies to fix most roadside electrical problems. Includes a discounted Ratcheting Crimping Tool for use with all of the terminals and wires contained in the kit. Kit Contains: 25x Male Bullet Terminals + Insulators, 25x Female Bullet Terminals + Insulators, 10x Dual Female Bullet Terminals + Insulators, 25x Male Spade, 25x Female Spade, 2x 3-pin Plastic Connector, 2x 4-pin Plastic Connector, 1x 6-pin Plastic Connector, 2ft 1/4" Diameter Heat Shrink, 2ft 3/8" Diameter Heat Shrink, 2ft 1/2" Diameter Heat Shrink, 2ft 1/4" Thermal Heat Shield Wire Sleeve, 6ft White Wire - 18 AWG, 6ft Blue Wire - 18 AWG, 6ft Black Wire - 18 AWG, 6ft Green Wire - 18 AWG, 6ft Yellow Wire - 18 AWG, 6ft Red Wire - 18 AWG, 6ft Brown Wire - 18 AWG